Stockyard Horticultural Supply and Wholesale Nursery, Lakeland Tennessee The Stockyard, plants and growing operation in Memphis Tennessee
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Products include:

Trees / Shrubs

  Arkansas Field Stone
  Specialty Stone
  Bagged Goods
  Pine Straw
  Mulch & Much More
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The Stockyard Horticultural Supply provides quality plant material to landscape contractors, builders, and developers. We are also open to the retail public.

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Sample of feeds available:


  Strategy Feeds
  Equine Senior
  Omolene Feeds
  Mini Horse and Pony
  Horseman's Edge Feeds
  Chicken Feeds
  Livestock Feeds
  Wildlife Feeds
  Wide Selection of Care Products
  and Much More
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10996 Hwy 70 Arlington, Tennessee   •   901.867.8733
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